Flat Rate PPC Management Fees

Written by Rudy Diemer | Published on July 6, 2016
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Zero In is one of the few PPC Agencies to offer Flat Rate PPC Adwords Management fees.  This method provides a flat rate fee for a budget range of AdWords (media) spend.  Many clients are beginning to prefer this method as it reduces the need for increasing management budget each time a change is made in media spend.

The standard way of charging for managing PPC/AdWords accounts is by charging a percentage of the media spend as the management fee. This method became popular as it was a simple way to quote and to allocate charges as media budget changed over time.

Using this method works very well when media budgets don't tend to change over time or at least over shorter periods of time.  However, when media budgets change more rapidly, it becomes cumbersome to continually adjust the management fee to allign with the media spend.

To accomodate this, Zero In offers a Flat Rate management fee for a designated range of media budget.  This range is normally large enough to allow for any necessary changes within the media spend.  The rate can also be adjusted as needed should the media budget change for this initial designated range.  The Flat Rate can be applied to accounts of any size.

Our Flat Rate fees are another great example of how Zero In continues to offer leading edge services!












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