Google rolling out support for AMP landing page in AdWords

Written by Rudy Diemer | Published on September 14, 2017
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As of September 7th, 2017, Google announced that all advertisers will be able to point mobile search ads to AMP landing pages.

The functionality is limited to landing pages from search text ads for now. The lighter AMP landing pages typically load instantly, as opposed to any lag time of responsive landing pages on mobile. AMP landing pages are supported for all mobile clicks.

Google has improved the Analytics to assist with managing the user flow. Marketers with access to the new AdWords interface will be able to see the percentage of clicks that go to invalid AMP pages. They can then identify issues and ensure the landing pages comply with AMP guidelines.

AMP pages are proving to provide even more effective results with mobile ads. Early reports are seeing a 80 - 90 percent jump in partner conversion rates and a 31 percent drop in bounce rates from AMP landing pages. Supported features also include dynamic content, checkout and native A/B testing. Some of the features specific to e-commerce sites and product pages are now also possible. 

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