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Written by Mark Michalek | Published on May 16, 2012
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Why have you not adopted Pinterest yet for your business?

As Pinterest gained popularity and enormous attention in early 2012 every social media writer was talking about how it’s the next big thing in social media. Many acknowledged the increasingly image based nature of social media. Others touted its lengthy fan engagement. While some debated how the site itself can make money. All valid considerations. So why has your business not yet adopted using it?

Many businesses that dip their feet in the social media pool feel Facebook and Twitter is where the action is so that’s where they should focus their attention. Whether Pinterest loses steam or not as a fad it can still serve as an amazing marketing tool right now. It won’t apply to all businesses, but any business that sells products that prominently displays photo examples of their work or product should be on it now!

What should make Pinterest so attractive to you as a business owner is how easy it is to start, and how little maintenance it requires. Other social media communities require constant attention and time to properly maintain. With Pinterest a ‘set it and forget it’ strategy could work well enough for you.

Let’s say your business sells novelty t-shirts online. You have a great website with and elegant online store. But you don’t have the resources to advertise, how then do you get people to your site? The core nature of Pinterest is virality (my made up word). People explore boards and re-pin/share content they like, find amusing, want to purchase, want to remember for later. It becomes a billboard for our interests and is instantly updated for our friends to see. Let’s say you find a shirt design funny, you pin it to your board just for its humour sake, which then shows up on your stream of photos. A friend then sees this shirt, likes it so much he wants to buy it, and boom – has an automatic link to your store. The public does all the work for you in spreading your advertising content, while you sit back and count your money.  Hmm, perhaps it’s not entirely that easy. But almost!

The key to success through Pinterest does rely on a few things in your control. You have to have a presentable website that makes purchase for a customer fairly easy.  If they are linked to a picture on a terrible site and don’t know what to do after, it does not make for a useful advertising method. You also have to have quality photos people would want to share. That doesn’t mean awesome pictures of terrible products will instantly sell. If you own a hardware store and link to gorgeous pictures of stacks of lumber, you likely won’t get people going to your site. But if your hardware store sells unique hand crafted bird houses that might just get some attention. Simply focusing on interesting looking products or ideas could get some extra traffic to your site. Continuing on that notion, what you pin doesn’t have to be a product; it can also be an idea. You can demonstrate how to execute a service in an interesting or creative way. Pinterest is catnip for do-it-yourselfers. But there are also the folks out there that pay to have those interesting ideas done for them by experts. By posting your most interesting visual examples you can really draw in some serious business.

The main point is how easy it is. You can simply go to the top of the screen, click add a pin, paste in a URL, tag and name the photo properly, and let the pinners do your advertising for you. Worst case scenario you waste an hour of your time linking to photos on your site. If this strategy fails you can simply abandon it with no harm done. Unlike other social media that requires constant content creation and updating this one hour of work can mean endless returns for your business.

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While at University he spent his exam study time combing through Facebook pages and correcting people's typos with the accidental inclusion of the #number sign in their online posts. An avid photographer, video maker, and nacho enthusiast, Mark's passion for new media and traditional marketing make him the ultimate social media specialist.


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