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Written by Mark Michalek | Published on May 11, 2012
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Photograph by Dawn Wentzell

So you’re a local business in a global marketplace. You may be competing against some big companies, with plenty of resources. You don’t have the millions to spend on national advertising to try and reach a broad audience. Well don’t work harder, work smarter. Make more and spend less.

It is no longer cliché to say nearly everyone is on the internet these days. Over 80% of the Canadian population uses the internet for non-work use. Think about how you yourself look for products and services. Usually your research starts with a Google search whether at home looking to book a manicure, or on your mobile device looking for the closest sushi restaurant downtown. You search online. Nearly all of your potential customers are online. So why are you wasting your limited resources on obsolete forms of advertising?

Yellow Pages: End of an Era

While the yellow pages may serve their purpose they do not fit the needs of modern small business practices. Depending on the size of your ad you could expect to pay at minimum $150 per month to be featured in the yellow pages, with even higher costs for larger ad space. For those with limited advertising budgets that money can be spent elsewhere to get more targeted customers.

PPC For Local Business

Zero In is very excited to offer a new PPC package catered specifically to local businesses. Pay per click advertising provides you with the ability to show your product/service ad to those who are searching for keywords you deem are relevant to your business. Not only does this type of advertising target specific searches but you only pay for people who click on your ad. This becomes a very cost effective approach to attract customers to your business.

Local Search Package

For a limited time Zero In is offering 30 day free service, and from only $199 afterwards. No catches. No contracts.

You get:

  • Base optimization of your site (SEO)
  • Local listings on Google, Yahoo & Bing (PPC)
  • Includes 3 keywords or phrases (You can add more at additional cost)
  • Monthly performance testing

Affordable Online Marketing:

  • Make your site easier to find through search engines
  • Takes 2 minutes to get started
  • Low monthly fee
  • No contracts or hidden fees
  • Try it completely free for 1 month!

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